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The Beginning


It is worthwhile to mention that an Egyptian Medical Association existed prior to the creation of the present one, That was towards the end of the nineteenth century, but it did not survive and ceased to Function in 1901

  • Prof .Dr. Ali Ibrahim, the famous surgeon, tried during the first world war , to assemble the Doctors in an Association or syndicate without success foreign doctors did not want to join in the effort, and they had the upper hand at that time , and formed an association of their own that called “the International Medical Association’’
  • Ali Ibrahim went on and founded the Egyptian Medical Journal and issued its first number in April 1917
  • In 1918he tried once more to reunite the Egyptian and foreign Doctors into a joint association, during a meeting at the National Egyptian University, but he did not succeed .
On Friday, January 16,1920 (25 Rabi Awal 1338 of the (Hejira) 42 Doctors met at the Egyptian University and agreed to constitute an association, that the called “ the Egyptian Medical Association” and elected a committee to run the association) under the chairmanship of the Dean of the profession at the time Dr. Issa Hamdi
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